The talented, deeply experienced and diverse team of professionals at Hawes Hill and Associates LLP administers, supports, advises and/or staffs clients’ projects involving economic development, public safety, finance, planning, infrastructure.

Our most visible clients are hyper-local governments such as management districts, tax increment reinvestment zones and municipalities.

Members of our staff have served in elected office, worked as high-ranking state and local government administrators or served long careers in law enforcement. Others are highly trained experts in urban planning, mapping and construction project oversight. Many are native Texans, others were born halfway around the world.

All of us know that quality-of-life improvements start at the grassroots and that communities should chart their destinies.


We work with clients to envision the specifics of better futures for the areas they serve. Then we carry out the steps they approve.


Everybody at Hawes Hill and Associates has a passion for improving communities to make better places and better lives.